Combination of Saw Palmetto and Propecia

Combination of Saw Palmetto and Propecia

The increased reputation of Saw Palmetto as an effective treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH, as well as its unproven popular anecdotes of being beneficial to treating hair loss, has paved the way for its comparison to the prescription drug Propecia. Propecia (finasteride) is an artificial four-azasteroid compound, which is a particular inhibitor that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

Saw Palmetto’s use for BPH functions similarly to that of Propecia where Saw Palmetto has in several researches been reported to improve the urinary symptoms and urine flow problems comparable to that of Propecia effects for BPH. Propecia, however, was also shown to be effective for male-pattern hair loss. The superfluous assumption of Saw Palmetto also being effective for hair loss still has not been clinically proven and therefore needs further controlled scientific studies.

The combination of Saw Palmetto and Propecia as a treatment for male-pattern hair loss has not yet been scientifically supported, although Saw Palmetto has been known to be a mild dietary supplement and no interactions with other drugs or herbs has been found or reported with it; but very small research has also been done to examine the effects of using the combination of Saw Palmetto and Propecia. Given that Saw Palmetto may possibly interfere with hormonal therapy or oral contraceptives, one should inform their physician if they’re taking hormone medications before taking Saw Palmetto.

The exact method of why and how Saw Palmetto functions is not well understood; it might have a result on DHT like Propecia does, but it is not yet verified as science has not identified the effects. There is no means of telling that the combination of Saw Palmetto and Propecia is safe, or if it really affects hair growth or acne. Some physicians have claimed that if both Saw Palmetto and Propecia really block DHT, as some regard it as the case, then increasing the DHT blocking through the combination of Saw Palmetto and Propecia may be decreasing one’s libido, which is a bad trade. As such, they don’t recommend the combination.

Saw Palmetto has its own specific beneficial effects, so with Propecia. The two may be similar in function but they have different components. One may be better than the other or vise versa, but without proven scientific research on the combination of both, it still will not be recommendable for the intended use of hair regrowth, acne, or other assumed connected advantageous effects. It is always important to discuss the matter with a professional health provider.