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nd with that Aiman diverthe cageted our, or really my, plans and his cage crib for another month. When his fifth month rolled around, my only mission was to get that baby to sleep in his own bed. I was tried of being cramped for space and slapped every morning by a tiny, yet unusually strong hand.

“This is the month you leave our bed and use yours, Little Man!” I cheered

My husband, again, thought I was being uncaring, unsympathetic, unmotherly!

“That’s so cruel! Just let him sleep with us, it’s no big deal!” He would plead.

But I refused to cave in and set up the whole day for the “big event” that night.

When the time came, although still reluctant, Saad put him in the crib and all was great. In fact all was FABULOUS! He slept and didn’t whine or cry for the first few hours. At some point Saad and I stopped starring at the marvel of seeing Aiman in his crib and hit the sack ourselves.

You know one of those movies or stories where you expect it to end in a particular way, but then something totally screws it up and kills the “happily ever after”? Well that’s what happened with us, or more, with me.

Here’s the sad, sad irony: Saad, as reluctant as he was and as outrageous as he thought I was being, was knocked out the entire night. Regardless of whether Aiman was in our bed or not, he slept very well.

I, on the other hand, had one of the worst nights of “sleep” in my life.

If Aiman made the slightest peep, I was up checking and rechecking on him.  Like a psycho I checked his temperature, blanket distance from his face, and diaper each time I woke up, and “each time” meaning every 30 minutes to an hour. At the time he was normally (next to us) sleeping a few hours straight, but in his crib he was regressing to newborn sleep, which just plain sucks.

Now you may ask why I didn’t just put him back in our bed and it’s because I’m too stubborn and will make this kid sleep in his crib even if I lose my mind. Whether he woke up or slept, he was going to stay in that crib I tell you! So for the entire night, the insanity continued.

Saad was fast asleep. Aiman was asleep, kind of. Amira was not and did not sleep that night.

After that incident I raised my surrender flag and put our baby back into our bed. It was far easier to stick a boob in hispuppy on guardmouth with him lying next to me than to get up, pick him up, and then stick a boob in his mouth.

That’s just too much work at 3 am.

So hey, I took the easy way out. Wimp, Lazy, Butt-head – any of those can be used to describe why I gave up, but nothing compares to sleep deprivation, even for one night.

But don’ get me wrong, I won’t hesitate to say that I love having him sleep with us, although my back and lack of space say otherwise.

Sometimes I just want roll around without thinking “WHERE’S THE BABY!?”

We’ve been co-sleeping since his birth and we’ll continue to do so until, well, sooner or later we’ll have our bed back right?