And last but not least becasue they think they love each other and whatever happens their relationship is so strong that it will not get affected.

Being a women, i accept that it`s not true that always a men hurt the women…. a women can do…… anyways being hurt from love without any reason is impossible. Love is nature, and if anybody can hurt. Men love women in the ways they know how.

He fell in love with her but had just ended 2 decade marriage and wasn’t ready. Well, this guy I know had someone fall in love with him. Well, I personally feel that it was not real love and it was just an infatuation.

They tend to loose interest in the women perhaps due to the reason that the women is too emotionally caught up within her feelings. Because they are only human, and we women have take responsibility for choosing men that are bad boys that don’t mind hurting women feelings. I think that in relationships, xxxx,, one person always loves the other just a little more(or less).

If men know that they want more than one woman they should not commit to the one and give her the illusion that they love her exclusively. If they loved you they would understand that their behavior would cause you pain, more pain than if they were honest and told you in advance that they are not a one woman man. Much, if not most, of the time when you met your man he was already in a relationship.

Women love to undermine each other ad are all too willing to play their part in cheating. Women tend to be more willing to put on the blinders entering a relationship. They both love each other, and want to stay together, yet they keep hurting each other through verbal abuse, physical rejection, taking each other for granted, betraying emotional trust, or bringing up the most vulnerable topics from their partner’s past.

This problem comes because women wants men to be monogamist leave this Utopian notion all will be ok then at least most of the time. Being insecure and being spoiled can cause a man or woman to fight the very person they are supposed to be in love with…. ask me how I know : ) Sometimes selfishness leads to conflicts in a relationship.

Back at that time men would have more than one wife or mistress. Time doesn’t exist and a relationship of 10 years could be just as deep as one with as little as 2 years. Time, good people and things around and distance from him is the best way to move on. And prayer.

Men can love you (a lot at first) and still ‘love” you but also love a new person then (a lot at first). Remember, have patience, love him through everything and your peaceful, sunny day is just around the corner! It tears apart relationships and destroys lives but through love and understanding you can conquer all.